Gleneagle and Monument Community Information

Castlewood Canyon State Park is the place to visit for any outdoor enthusiast. Located in the famous Black Forest, this State Park offers visitors a variety of activities including hiking, rock climbing and unique sightseeing opportunities in an arid, breathtaking setting. Visitors can trek over the ruins of the century-old Castlewood Canyon Dam, which forms the centerpiece of the park leading into trails that wind into the deepest regions of the canyon. Dramatic canyon walls and unique ruins are some of the park?s attractions. The park also offers picnicking, nature study, sightseeing and is also popular for bird watching and photography.

At the bottom of Pikes Peak in the Garden of the Gods City Park visitors can gaze upon towering, natural, sandstone rock formations against the backdrop of the snow capped mountain peaks of the Rockies. The visitor center provides hands-on exhibits that teach guests the geology, ecology and cultural history of this breathtaking region. Other activities that can be explored within the park include hiking one of the five trails, mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding.